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"Then a shuffling sound came from somewhere inside the darkness."


- Welcome to Denver Falls -

 Born and raised in the county town of Dorchester, Dorset, Sim began scribbling away stories on scraps of paper since before he can remember. He spent a lot of his childhood on adventures, walking the dogs in the woodland surrounding Thomas Hardy's cottage with his family. Something about the cottage and 'the man what wrote stuff' who had lived there sparked a fire inside him. It was from there he began to focus on writing more seriously. 


In 2012, Sim signed up to Open University to study Creative Writing alongside working full time. He isn't quite sure how he made it out alive, but he graduated with honours and began using the skills he had acquired to edit and redraft old work.  

In 2019 Sim, along with some talented friends, set up Blandford Literary Festival.

The town's first-ever literary festival. The events were a huge success with both writers and readers alike.

As of 2020, Sim became a member of the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE) and joined forces with fellow author, Chantelle Atkins

Together the duo run Chasing Driftwood Writing Group, a company which provide creative writing workshops to children, teens and adults, as well as various author services such as editing, proofreading and one-to-ones.

In 2021 their publishing house,

Chasing Driftwood Books, was launched.

Sim Alec Sansford Author

Indie Author of the Month, October 2020

The Glorious Outsiders

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