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In the town of Fortune’s Well a dangerous storm is brewing, and two unsuspecting teenagers are standing right at the heart of it.


For JJ Carson, life has not been easy. His father is dead, his mother arrested for the murder, and he has been forced to live on the farm with his alcoholic uncle, Henry. Just when things could not get any worse, JJ discovers his living situation is not the only thing that makes him different from the other kids. A dark, swirling mist has made itself at home inside him and it is slowly changing him from the inside out.

Enter Darcie Duffield. Beautiful, popular, and incredibly misunderstood. Darcie is sick of the status quo and wants to make a difference. After a chance meeting with a strange boy at the river she becomes tangled in a web of lies and deceit as she tries to help save him from the darkness lurking within.

Why is this happening?
Where has it come from?

And why is Darcie the only one who can see it?


Evil doesn’t stay buried forever…


A few weeks have passed since that nightmarish summer,

and for JJ Carson the future is uncertain.


Thrown into care and banned from seeing his uncle, the strange mist that follows him around has become his one and only companion.

Each day it grows stronger and more powerful, but that only draws the attention of a strange doctor with an even darker plan.


As for Darcie Duffield, life is back to normal, as she returns to school  and desperately tries to forget the boy she met at the river, and the mysterious power he possessed.


But when her friend goes missing, and a ghost from the past returns, Darcie realises she’s barely scratched the surface of Fortune’s Well’s hidden secrets, and the sinister  truth that lies beneath.


All things must come to an end…

With the Organisation hot on their trail and their powers growing stronger by the day; JJ Carson and Darcie Duffield are more determined than ever to save Fortune’s Well from the looming darkness.

But when history threatens to repeat itself, and an unseen foe is watching their every move, who will make the ultimate sacrifice to save them all and bring about the end of days?

Days End is the highly anticipated conclusion to the Fortune’s Well trilogy.





Plagued by strange dreams and questions about her past, Harper Andrews is leaving the comfort of her college campus behind to go in search of answers.


Answers she believes are hidden in the town of Denver Falls.


What will she find?


What will she lose?


And who is the mysterious shadow that haunts her dreams?


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A Denver Falls Novella

Abi Millar has spent her entire life in the town of Denver Falls and she is tired of being invisible. An urban legend about a tree deep in the forest with the power to grant three wishes in exchange for blood might seem far-fetched, but Abi is desperate.


Learning the hard way that you must be careful what you wish for, she faces a race against time before her final wish is granted and her entire world changes forever.


The perfect campfire thriller.


Short Stories


The Storm

(ebook only)

In a first from Amazon author, Sim Alec Sansford, this short is an emotional whirlwind, following the inner thoughts of a woman who is coming to terms with her fate and accepting the fragility of humanity. Dark, thoughtful, empowering.

The author is donating 100% of the royalties he generates from this title to Cancer Research.

Goodbye, Yesterday

(ebook & paperback)

Time is a funny thing, at least according to Arthur.
He's spent most of his stuck in the past, but now just maybe he could be ready for change.



A short tale of brotherhood, love and new beginnings.


Collections & Anthologies


A Year of Writing Through Lockdown


During the Covid 19 pandemic, people’s lives and routines changed in ways they never could have imagined. Whilst staying home through numerous lockdowns, we watched the world from our windows, home schooled our children, took joy in our pets and were forced to examine the reality of our homes, jobs, lives and relationships.

Stay Home - A Year of Writing Through Lockdown, is a collection of personal essays, short stories and poems from writers, bloggers, ordinary people and children sharing one common goal… writing about the affect of the pandemic on their lives.

The collection is divided into four parts:

Dreaming of Another World
Hello Home…
Pandemic Pets
Poems on ‘Hope’.

This collection was put together and published by Chasing Driftwood Writing Group, a community interest company providing creative writing opportunities to children and adults. This is the first of many to come.

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