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The Day The Earth Turned: Summer

This week is huge for author, Chantelle Atkins, with the releasee of book one in her highly anticipated post-apocalyptic series, The Day The Earth Turned.

The adults are all dead.

Society has collapsed.

Two groups of teenagers emerge on either side of a rural village, traumatised, bereaved and determined to survive.

As tribes form and territorial lines are drawn, can they overcome their differences and find a way to rebuild?

Or will gang warfare end this emerging new world before its even begun?

Each of them have their theories about what killed the adults and as the dust settles on the old world, a far bigger, darker, and angrier threat is bursting to life all around them.

A truly fantastic read ... Another masterpiece from Atkins!

This book is so Chantelle Atkins through and through. The self awareness, complex characters, and the inclusion of nature.

Using animal povs was a fantastic choice for the narrative, and the flow is spot on. Atkins knows exactly when to end a chapter and when to twist the knife.

There’s so much packed into this story but it’s never once “too much.” The inclusion of such an eclectic range of characters means there's someone for every reader to relate to.

Exciting. Thrilling. And totally addictive.

Perfect for fans of Stephen King, John Marsden, and all of Atkins other works!

I could go on and on and on about this book. Really enjoyable, dark and deep. Keeps you hooked and makes you think. I’ll definitely be recommending this over and over again, and I'm looking forward to continuing the story in the next three books.

Where Will She Pop Up Next?

For more on Chantelle Atkins be sure to follow her story chapter by chapter over on social media at the links below...

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