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An Interview with... Paula Harmon

Hi All,

This week I had the absolute honour of interviewing my dear friend, mentor, and fellow author - PAULA HARMON!

Paula has been writing books all her life, and has been publishing for the last 5/6 years.

When I started taking writing more seriously after a break away from words, Paula was a shining star in the dark sky of 'Where the hell do I go next!?'

The advice, resources and support she offered me helped me reclaim my power as an artist. It's thanks to her that I managed to keep myself sane throughout the process of writing Denver Falls book one. Especially on those dark days where I truly felt like giving up altogether.

Growing up, Paula was always passionate about story telling and history. Her latest release, MURDER SATURNALIA, is book three in the Murder Britannica series. I was lucky enough to beta read and it was an absolute joy. Paula writes with such wit and flare that you are completely captivated. Be it a short story about dragons or a series based in 190 AD, you feel completely transported and instantly fall in love with her characters.

Here are links to the books in the series:

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