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Audiobook Launch

After the publication of #WelcometoDenverFalls last year, I just knew I had to take the story as far and wide as I possibly could. Harper's story needed to be heard and it was my responsibility to share it.

Ebook and paperback sales really ramped up and all with limited marketing, the next step for me was to create the audiobook. Audiobooks are increasingly popular, especially with the Young Adult and New Adult audience. So, I took to ACX, Amazon's go to spot for all things audiobook related.

I posted an audition script and waited for the emails to come in. I really wasn't expecting much, I thought it would take a few weeks for my ad to get noticed but I was pleasantly surprised. Auditions flew in and they were all so fantastic. I was absolutely blown away. It felt great to hear my story coming to life.

Then I heard Olivia's audition and I couldn't believe how much she sounded like the Harper in my head.

I was delighted when Olivia accepted my offer and took on the role of Harper/Narrator.

The book is now available on iTunes, Audible and Amazon and sales have been fantastic.

I am so glad that people are connecting to the story and although I have been busy with other projects, a sequel is in the works! Stay tuned!

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