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Board of Vourdoulakas, Veil of Glamours, and MORE!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The Board of Vourdoulakas: Blood Oath

Hey everyone, I'm back with another blog. What's it been... 3 weeks since the last? Hey, I'm getting better at this!

Well, today's blog is all about that oh so bittersweet experience few writers talk about... Writer's Overload! (Don't quote me on the terminology). This to me is the very opposite of Writer's block. It is where instead of being completely stuck on what to write, your fragile little writerly mind is bombarded with ideas.

This week has most definitely been one of those weeks for me!

In the last week alone I have come up with at least four solid story ideas and three clear titles of which I have just that, the title, and no specific idea for a story... just a general tone or theme.

Two of those I will share with you here in this blog. One I will be actively working on this year alongside Return to Denver Falls: Part One and Welcome to Hollow Wood.

It's important for you, dear readers, to note that I'm very much a "pantser" when it comes to writing. In short, I'm someone who flies by the seat of their pants instead of planning out every intricate detail. This can be a blessing (writing just flows and comes so naturally to me, my stories tend to tell themselves), and a curse (I spend a lot of time mulling over ideas and daydreaming about them before getting them finished). This means you shouldn't get your hopes up just yet, as these ideas could be a way off. Though I'm hoping I can get around to them sooner rather than later.

The first idea, which is actually the latest idea I had but I've already started writing is book one in a potential new series. I know, I know. "But you haven't given us a Denver Falls 2 yet!... And weren't you working on Hollow Wood as a series!?"

To all of you I say, "you're right", and also, "help me!"

I promise I will get around to it all and when I do I will have a great catalo-scratch that-EPIC catalogue of Young Adult fiction.

Ok, back to the idea... This book is currently titled The Board of Vourdoulakas: Blood Oath, and the general premise is as follows:

A young Vampyre Assassin (that's Vampyre with a Y, because... y'know, gotta keep it hipster) is moving her way up the ranks to becoming an Elite Soldier for a secret immortal society known as the Board of Vourdoulakas. Before our young heroine can graduate she must face one final test. As per tradition, she's given only twenty-four hours to succeed in eliminating a target selected by her superiors. But when she returns from training one night and finds a piece of parchment on her bed inked with the name of her next, and final victim, only one solution comes to mind... Run.

So, that's where I am with that one right now. For this I'm blaming Richelle Mead. If you don't know who she is, click here. I've been devouring her books and watching Vampire Academy on repeat and I can't fight the hunger for blood any longer. (Vampire talk, not actual wanting to kill, just to be clear).

The second idea I'm going to share here is not one I am likely to get to anytime soon. It is currently titled The Veil of Glamours, and is likely to be a standalone (if and when I ever get around to it).

This title came to mind when I came across the name of a place at work this week, Vale of Glamorgan. I'm not sure what type of place this is, or where it is exactly (probably should have Google it by now...), but the name instantly made me thinking of something fantastical. I switched out Vale for Veil which sounded more mysterious, and the Glamour referred to in the title is in reference to the Fae/Faerie term which I will define below.

"Glamour is an archaic word for [the] magic [of the Fae]. Glamour can make curious onlookers see what they wish that person to see or not see what they do not wish that person to see with this ability. It can also hide the true whereabouts of a faery, so one could say it's a survival skill in addition to being magical. So, when someones says, "Looks can be deceiving." You may want to make a important mental note of that."

For further description, click here.

Anyway, for this title I don't have much of a story yet, just a jumble of pictures. But I am adding it to the pile of other manuscripts I have started over the years (many WAY before Denver Falls) that are still yet to see the light of day. I guess I'll keep you posted.

So there we have it, there's two crazy ideas to add to my collection.

Have you come up with any ideas lately? Why not drop me a comment or message and we can discuss.

Take care everyone, and remember, Vampyres are real... and they're always watching you.

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