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Chasing Driftwood Writing Group

Back in 2020, something extraordinary happened. No, I'm not talking about that virus-thingy, I'm talking about my involvement with Chasing Driftwood.

Chasing Driftwood Writing Group came to life way back in 2015, at the hands of mastermind author, Chantelle Atkins.

Chantelle is a fantastic novelist, with twelve novels and one collection under her belt (at the time of this post... Though that figure will soon change to around twenty books, when considering upcoming releases).

Sick of searching for a writing group that fit, Chantelle decided to set up her own. From there she gained involvement with local schools, where she offered creative writing workshops and after school clubs.

In 2017, the company became a CIC (Community Interest Company), and Chantelle worked on various community driven events. Most notably, the Christchurch Community Writing Project.

In November 2020, Chantelle invited me on board as co-director. I'm still super excited and grateful for this opportunity.

Alongside Chantelle's existing workshops (which moved to ZOOM due to the dreaded P word), we now also run one-to-ones, author workshops (marketing, formatting...) and editing & proofreading services. There are also various competitions through out the year.

As of 2021, we began compiling our first collection for publication. The collection features stories and poems from everyday people's experiences of the last year. We've received some fantastic entries and can't wait to share that with you.

The cover art is currently being designed by Law Baker Art, and should be published SOON.

For more updates on Chasing Driftwood, or to find a workshop or service for you, visit

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