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Life After Louise

I don't think I can really remember a time when I didn't have Louise in my life, and that in itself is pretty scary. Mostly because I have only known her for two years and it feels like decades.

Louise has that sort of energy about her, that warmth and kindness that makes you feel, even after five minutes, that you've met a friend for life... and probably because you have.

I think before Louise I was probably a less tolerant person. I've always loved people, but I think I was maybe more hot headed than I'd like to admit. Of course, I'd never be the type to cause a riot in the streets, but I'd let things bother me, anger me, crawl and creep right up under my skin.

Louise helped me to realise that in order to move forward in life, to stay happy and hopeful, you have to let the little things go. Let the negative energy just roll off of you, like water off a duck's back.

I'll never forget her most invaluable lesson... that your own worst enemy is yourself.

'Check your language!' - That's what Louise says and she isn't talking about washing your mouth out with soap. She's talking about all those negative terms we use when we talk about ourselves... 'I CAN'T do that'... 'I'm probably NOT VERY GOOD at that'... 'It WON'T work'...

You need to learn to believe in yourself and suddenly everything else around you will change for the better.

Today I had a wellbeing hour with Louise, the perks of having a friend that's also a holistic therapist (Bliss Holistic Wellbeing), and I realised there are a lot of factors I can change in my life to help make it run more smoothly... to keep me well rested, stress free, and most importantly, happy.

One thing in my life, however, shall remain an eternal constant... and that one thing is Louise.

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