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Hi everyone,

If you follow my social media you'll know that I've been hard at work on a brand new series with the amazing Chantelle Atkins. We started writing over the Christmas holiday (2020) and by April we had already completed TWO BOOKS!! The third and final (FOR NOW) book has taken us a little longer due to other commitments, though that should be finished by October.

The initial idea came to me from a title I had in mind. I shared the concept with Chantelle and asked if she'd ever consider co-writing. I was thrilled and also a little terrified when she agreed, and pretty much the next day she'd sent me a chapter.

It's been really interesting co-writing. We each work on a chapter (from our own characters POV) and take turns emailing one another back and forth. I think to be honest we've been extremely lucky. We gel together so well and I can honestly say I can't imagine working alone anymore! It's been so much fun and the world we've created is beyond anything I expected.

We've decided to base the series in a fictional version of my home town, Dorchester, so there are a few familiar places that pop up throughout for anyone from the area.

The whole thing has been an absolute blast and I am forever grateful to Chantelle for saying yes.

Here's the blurb for book one:

From the minds behind Welcome to Denver Falls and The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, comes an exciting YA supernatural series.

In the town of Fortune’s Well a dangerous storm is brewing, and two unsuspecting teenagers are standing right at the heart of it.

For JJ Carson, life has not been easy. His father is dead, his mother arrested for the murder, and he has been forced to live on the farm with his alcoholic uncle, Henry. Just when things could not get any worse, JJ discovers his living situation is not the only thing that makes him different from the other kids. A dark, swirling mist has made itself at home inside him and it is slowly changing him from the inside out.

Enter Darcie Duffield. Beautiful, popular, and incredibly misunderstood. Darcie is sick of the status quo and wants to make a difference. After a chance meeting with a strange boy at the river she becomes tangled in a web of lies and deceit as she tries to help save him from the darkness lurking within.

Why is this happening?

Where has it come from?

And why is Darcie the only one who can see it?

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