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Once Upon A Time with...

So here I am... 1am and I've finally finished scheduling all the posts for Blandford Literary Festival's One Upon A Time with... event for #WorldStorytellingDay

I started this afternoon. Yep. That's how long it takes just to schedule posts for a one day virtual event. There's so much that goes into it all behind the scenes. First of all you have to download all the videos you are sent (making sure you've replied to everyone!). Then, edit them (if necessary) and convert the files to a size that Hootsuite will accept for scheduling. Of course, some videos have to be converted to a far lower quality which brings with it the added worry that the finished product might not look right, and all we want is for the authors to be happy and get the exposure they deserve.

All these download and uploads take time in themselves and I can only process one video at a time on my Mac. Once sorted I then add to individual Hootsuite posts, again with the pesky uploading that seems to stay on 1% for a lot longer than it should. Then there's adding all the information for the authors... their links, socials, book blurb...

Of course, there are also those that are not published but obviously deserve just as much hype as those with book links and websites. You don't want anyone to feel left out. After all that I had to double then triple check the schedule, make sure every post had working links and the hash tag for World Storytelling Day, then email all authors with their schedule time/share times to the event page.

In the morning (though I guess it's technically the morning already) I'll have a few more entries to get scheduled for free spots in the day. I also need to record my own readings if I manage it so I can actually promote my work too - Haha!

If I could please request more hours in the day that would be great.

Got to believe karma will come back around for me real soon.

Current mood: Simderella.

Check out the event at

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