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Storms A Comin'

With Storm Eunice raging across the UK, I thought it was fitting to share this short extract from book one in the Fortune’s Well trilogy which Chantelle Atkins and I will be releasing over the coming months.

The books are split, chapter by chapter, in alternating POVs. This extract is from the POV of my protagonist, Darcie Duffield. An American born girl living in a mysterious town in the South West of England.

I hope you enjoy the extract. For more information on Fortune's Well, click here.


“ It causes the river to slop and splash and limbs to snap from the trees and begin swirling around him like a vortex, smacking against his face and ripping his clothes. His glasses crack. His hair looks almost white. This is it. This is the end. I lay Vicky’s head down on the grass and peer up at the boy writhing in pain before me, the boy from the river, my boy. I crawl towards him, wind and debris knocking me back, but I won’t give in, I just keep going, I have to get to him. I have to be with him when it ends. I finally reach him and throw my arms around his waist; I can see now that he’s crying, and I am pretty sure that I am too. Even through his clothes, his body feels like a jagged block of ice. I pull him tighter, the tingling it my hands warming him, but not enough... No way near enough. ‘Darcie. Run,’ he manages through gritted teeth. ‘I can’t, and I won’t.’ I grab his face in my hands, ‘It’s you and me, until the end.’ “

© 2022 Sim Alec Sansford, Chantelle Atkins.

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